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Members' Area Full Refund Guarantee

If after six months of ADI MasterClass membership you believe that ADI MasterClass has not delivered what it promises...

Simply ask for a refund!

No other Driving Instructor Support Service or Organisation backs its promises with a Full Refund Guarantee!

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With a WEEKLY account you will enjoy...

A weekly news update every Wednesday and CPD update every Saturday...

The Wednesday magazine contains links to news items about roads and driving - including the latest DVSA and Dft. information. The content is great to keep you informed , but also provides stories on which you can 'piggy back' when looking for local PR or for use in your own e-mails, blog - or on your tablet in the car to highlight specific issues.

The Wednesday update also includes a short article with business/training tips and information.

Every Saturday the Business & Training update contains a specific subject topic that is relevant to your work and business. Topics are wide ranging and cover business, marketing, sales, training, driving and more besides.

To make sure that you never miss an update I will e-mail with a reminder and direct link.

As with all areas of the ADI MasterClass site, the Business & Training content can count towards your voluntary CPD when you keep a log of the evidence that you have applied the principles that you have been learning about.