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The ADI MasterClass Free area is a great resource for anyone involved in driver training. With information about training and business updated monthly and an archive of valuable tips this area will help you to improve your training and your business.

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Skills for life

One thing that is guaranteed to raise the hackles of most driving instructors is to suggest that they are not teaching ‘skills for life'. But I wonder how many instructors never teach left/right reversing or the turn-in-the-road now that they are no longer tested? The omission of the old manoeuvres is not a 'major sin' - although it's an omission nonetheless... Are there perhaps more important skills that are being neglected? Log in or register to access this article.

Covid 19 information

November 2020 - it's looking like a full lock down will come into place once more in England - this could prevent you working.

Now is a good time to review all of the Safety and finance information from the Summer to help you plan your course through the winter months.

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Example 1

Weekly news page and article from April 2020

Example 2

Saturday CPD article from March 2020

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Sample archive webinar recording

The link below is for a webinar recording about Learner's Goals (opens in new tab/window)


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