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Seven Deadly sins - where do instructors fall down during the Standards Check?

Your pre-lesson pack: It's amazing how many instructors don't have one.

Free pupil records: Ideal if you don't use your phone or tablet.

Standards Check Webinar

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Seven Deadly Sins - For Instructors...

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The DVSA had released the top seven reasons that are causing instructors to fail the Standards Check. With the check now nearly 2 years old DVSA have conducted a sufficient number of tests for us to assume that these reasons are fairly common and likely to arise in future tests.

What's is your pre-lesson pack?

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Elsewhere in this area I discuss the importance of your telephone auto-respond message.

You might think that something as simple as a telephone message is common-sense, but as with all things common-sense, they only appear that way when you know them.

Free Pupil Record System...

Instructors with OK teaching skills sometimes lose business because their pupils feel that they are not making progress. Good records, coupled with a regular review process helps to keep customers both motivated, and in your car...

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